In over fifteen years of operation, we have conducted over 200 planning projects, virtually all with nonprofit organizations. These form a deep base of experience from which we draw.

Wellspring’s work is characterized by…

Deep expertise in strategy for nonprofits

We serve individual nonprofit organizations, from foundations, to those involved in advocacy to those that that work on the ground to meet needs such as food, housing, education and health. We work closely with our clients to find the most efficient and effective ways to improve their services and create targeted solutions to the problems in the world they most wish to solve.

The pursuit of creative solutions

We work with clients to determine the changes they wish to see in the world through open thinking and deep discussion, informed by meaningful data that speaks to how change can be successfully achieved, including insights from diverse organizations across the nonprofit sector. In this process, we help clients determine innovative ways to have impact on the issues they care about most.

A bias for action

In general, all of Wellspring’s client work results in an implementation plan for the identified objectives and initiatives. In these assignments, we engage to understand the organizational and financial issues facing clients, and build plans to implement strategy. Clients frequently comment on how our work is immediately useful.

A skillful and passionate team of strategists

Wellspring has assembled a remarkable team of consultants with talent in deep listening, skillful facilitation, rigorous analysis and thoughtful problem solving. Our preparation for this work combines education from leading graduate programs with extensive experience in the social sector.