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Driven to create social change. Diverse in background and thought. Inventive. Collaborative. Inquisitive. Analytical.


That's who we are.

If it's who you are too, we'd love to get to know you.

Why Wellspring?

Why Wellspring?


We are driven to make a difference.​

Education. Environment. Health care. Human rights. Our work addresses complex issues of critical importance for society. Some clients are large nonprofits addressing system-wide change; others are cutting-edge social enterprises or community-based organizations. The questions we tackle are unique to each engagement but always fundamental to our clients’ work, relating to mission, strategies for creating change, financial viability, and organizational design.

No two clients are alike. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure we are driving toward tailored solutions that are actionable and grounded in their particular context. Together with our clients we chart a clear road map that positions them for success. We stay in touch with clients over time, getting updates on progress and acting as ongoing thought partners. Almost half of our engagements are with organizations that have worked with us in the past.



We are focused on bringing out the best in who you are.​

Within Wellspring, we work in small teams with colleagues from across the firm to tackle our clients’ intellectually challenging questions. We use a wide variety of skills, from primary research and data analysis to meeting facilitation and strategic storytelling. Consultants learn on the job from partners and peers on their teams. Staff retreats, trainings, and case debriefs allow us to connect with each other and further accelerate everyone’s growth. Consultants are typically staffed on two projects at once, resulting in broad exposure to the social sector in a short length of time.

Wellspring consultants have varied backgrounds, skills, and interests. Everyone is supported and encouraged to make their mark on Wellspring. From day one, each new ‘Wellspringer’ can contribute to, or even pioneer, firm-wide initiatives. Any staff member may act as a resident expert on a key topic, lead a professional development session, or co-write a proposal. Wellspring is a strong firm because we co-create it.

Within our case teams, with our clients, and building our firm, Wellspring employs an approach that is deeply collaborative. Every voice is critical, and we make sure everyone is heard.



We share responsibility to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.​

Our commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion – in our firm and in our work with clients – places demands upon everyone in the firm. We each take on responsibility for self-reflection, listening, learning, and sharing to enhance our understanding of these complex issues. We work together as a team to set firm-wide priorities related to DEI and execute work needed to improve our practice. In our work with clients, we take extra care to consider factors like race and socioeconomic status when undertaking research and developing recommendations. We know we have more  to do and that this work is never finished.



We set up our people to deliver a lifetime of impact.​

We seek to achieve impact not only through our work with clients but also by preparing our staff to be change agents throughout their careers. Each person we hire has the potential to become a partner at Wellspring, and some have chosen this path. Others have gone on to lead operations and strategy at prominent nonprofits or have entered top-tier graduate programs. A few alumni have started their own nonprofit organizations. All have gone on to impact the world in meaningful ways using skills they developed at Wellspring.


Interested in applying?

Join Wellspring in solving problems and addressing strategic questions for nonprofit and mission-driven leaders​. Wellspring Consulting is always interested in connecting with people who might like to work with us. We look for individuals who have demonstrated:

  • A drive to create social change

  • An ability to think creatively and flexibly in solving complex problems, attending to both the big picture and key details

  • Conceptual and analytical capabilities, including logic and numerical analysis

  • Strong interpersonal skills that result in effective working relationships, teamwork, and leadership in group settings

  • Talent in deep listening, including an ability to tune in quickly and grasp the essentials in unfamiliar territory

  • Clarity in verbal and written communication

Apply to work at Wellspring Consulting to help mission-driven leaders grow their impact and create social change.


If you are interested, please review job descriptions and submit your resume and cover letter.


Wellspring Information Session: What Makes Wellspring Special? 

To get to know some of our Partners and Consultants and learn firsthand why Wellspring Consulting is a great place to work, watch a recording of one of our Information Sessions.

Wellspring Case Workshop

To hear about real Wellspring client cases and learn the basics of our case interviews, watch a recording of one of our Case Workshops.

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