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Strategy for the social sector


Wellspring Consulting helps leaders of mission-driven organizations address strategic challenges and achieve results


When social sector leaders face critical decisions and are looking for a partner in strategic planning, they seek sound data, a thoughtful process, fresh ideas, and wise counsel. Wellspring Consulting has worked with hundreds of nonprofit leaders to develop deeply thought-out, actionable strategic plans that are backed by thorough research and analysis and that address the most critical issues facing the organization.

Founded in 2002 by seasoned consultants from The Boston Consulting Group, Wellspring offers the analytical strength of for-profit business consulting, delivered by fellow travelers who share your commitment to creating social good. Like the leading business consulting firms, we attract staff with top-flight credentials.  Like our clients, we run lean so as to be affordable for a wide range of nonprofits. We focus on cornerstone problems and pursue smart, inspired solutions so our clients can get extraordinary results.

Some of our clients

Divesity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

As advisors to social impact organizations, Wellspring Consulting constantly grapples with the effects of discrimination, inequity, and exclusion, particularly as they relate to race and socioeconomic status.

We are deeply motivated by a vision of a just society, where all individuals can thrive.

In our work, this translates into:

  • Ongoing inquiry to better understand the sources of systemic inequity and effective remedies   

  • Thoughtful practice that applies an equity lens to analysis, elucidates equity issues, and seeks proactive solutions

  • Humility in the face of these complex challenges and a willingness to confront our own biases and complicity

  • Continual striving within Wellspring to recruit a talented, diverse team and ensure each member is able to bring their full selves to the work we do together


Our team

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